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Matted textures, muted tones, experimental shapes, Anju kumar, a pioneer of creating pottery as an artform, dips into the earthern palette taking inspiration from mother earth to bring greenery to your interiors.

A self taught practitioner of pottery, she has held 85 successful solo shows in a career graph spanning 30 illustrious years. Her label “Studio Anmol” showcases exquisitely handcrafted pottery that can change the configuration of any living space.

Her work transcends time and space,is a journey of the spirit in the realm of freewill and imaginative bliss.

The unique, mesmerizing Pottery is all about perceiving divine light and transforming it into a spectrum of vibrations and translating it into art . It indeed is a textural treat capturing the essence of minimalism and poetic fluidity of straight lined forms and ethereal l shapes.

Antique dull gold filigree on clay, hues of fresh beiges, botanical greens, browns, burnt and raw siennas, yellow ochres to blazing crimsons, electrifying vermilions are interpreted creatively as a visual expression.

A total rendering in greys and earth intersperse with bold highlights in metallic sheen is exotic, thus monochromatic tones are deftly used to accentuate her work lending it a rustic raw appeal and understated elegance.

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