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Delhi's leading veteran pottery designer Anju Kumar dips into a bright color pallete taking inspiration from nature, creating liveable art that seeks to infuse life and positive energy in any living space.Having 85 Solo Exhibitions to her credit in a time span of 25 illustrious years, she has successfully handled turnkey projects for hotels, restaurants, leading architects and art consulting houses. Apart from exporting her works to the Middle East, U.S.A, U.K, Singapore, her artworks also adorn prestigious five stars of the country.

Capturing experimentalism and the essence of minimalism her label ANMOL truly creates art that is sculptural, architectural and functional. Witnessing her art is like living in Zen, with the poetic fluidity of straight lined forms and ethereal shapes. Gold filigree on clay,matt finishes replicating wood, metal, leather, the color graph which moves from blazing crimsoms, vermillions, burnt siennas to botanical greens, vibrant turquoises to muted beiges and antique golds and copper.Highlights of metallic sheens, Patina finishes and unique textures ,thus rendering a exquisite rustic feel to the artworks and speaking the modern language of design.

The collection includes an array of Vases, Urns, Garden furniture, Murals, Paintings, Ganeshas, Buddhas and sculptures.She has aptly called her works as a'' celebration of life ''.

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