Delhi's leading pottery designer Anju Kumar dips into a bright color palette taking inspiration from mother nature to bring the garden into your interiors. A self taught practitioner of pottery Anju Kumar has held 64 solo shows in a career graph spanning fifteen illustrious years. In these years Anju has not only reached the houses of the who's who with her craft but also successfully handled turn key projects for hotels, restaurants, leading architects and art consulting homes. Apart from exporting her wares to Middle East, USA, U.K & Singapore, her work also adorns five star hotels in the country.

Her label "Studio Anmol" creates art that's sculptural, architectural and functional.

Her design purview covers every aspect of studio pottery that have a thematic textural designs which make you forget that the piece of art that you behold is created from mother earth. A painter par excellence, she creates textures that feel like wood, matte, leather and metal. Abstract art and graphic designs are other strong influences from tantric art that have been interpreted on wood based panels with ceramic relief work.

Stepping beyond art that hangs on the wall, she creates fine art for living interpreting the genre of Tribal Art, Egyptian Art, Graphic Art etc in a host of lifestyle products like lamps, murals, paintings, pot and urns, sculptures, planters among others -thus, breathing the beauty of nature in our lives.