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ITO conductive glass for CTP (IM)

CTP is a relatively mainstream touch screen product at present, while is a more advanced CTP product, which uses the optical matching principle to achieve no color difference in ITO etching. Its main applications include mobile phones, computers, vehicle screens, etc. 


1, CTP double-sided membrane maximum resistance up to 800ohm

2. 15 ohm minimum resistance for im shadow elimination

3. Maximum size 900 * 1500mm

4. Glass thickness 0.15-3mm

Multilayer AR coating products

Multilayer ar film is to use the matching of multilayer film system to achieve the effect of wide band and low reflection. The product is nearly colorless, and is mainly used in vehicle display screen and outdoor display screen.


1. Performance reflectivity of the film ≤ 0.5% (400-700nm), a *: 0 ± 2, b *: - 2 ± 4

2. Substrate material: glass, PMMA cover plate

3. Maximum size 900 * 1500mm

4. Glass thickness 0.15-5mm

AR coating products

Antireflection and antireflection film is a high-grade electronic product currently used in the market. Through improving the transmittance and reducing the reflectivity, the display clarity of the product is higher. It is mainly used in the display protection screen.


1、 Common AR (transmittance of one side ≥ 94%, transmittance of two sides ≥ 98%);

2. Ultra high hardness AR (hardness ≥ 9h);

3. Far infrared AR (wavelength 1530-1570nm, reflectivity ≤ 0.3%

4. Maximum size 900 * 1500mm

5. Glass thickness 0.15-5mm